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A Statement from the Artist...
A "work of art" is not merely a two or three dimensional object to be viewed by the public, but rather an object that, when looked upon, arouses an emotion within the viewer.  This is the inspiration for my work.  It is my belief that an artist is most successful when drawing from one's own experiences and passions.  Therefore, the subject matter in most of my work strives to create an emotion or movement from which people might find a connection, which is my goal as a fine artist.

As a native of San Francisco, I attended the Academy of Art College where I received my BFA in 1996.  Since then, I have pursued my two passions of art and travel while living in Philadelphia and San Francisco.  In that time, I have done several landscape and portrait commissions and have taken part in exhibitions including a group show at Fingerhut Galleries in Sausalito and Carmel.  

Recently I have felt inspired to create paintings primarily of dancers, vineyards, and Italian scenes.  I view my artwork as moments that I have witnessed and recorded, and my paintings are my chance to share my idea of beauty with the viewer.  While using oils or pastels, the emphasis is always on color.  It is through color that I find enjoyment and through my art that I am able to express my idea of beauty.
- Kristen DeMartini Carlos
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